Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The many benefits of Honey

Honey has been nature's cure for many things since the beginning of time
*Using honey for cuts:
Apply to cuts, just as you would Neosporin.

*Using Honey For Hair:
Honey works as a natural humectant, therefore, adding a
tablespoon or so of honey to your conditioner will help with dry hair.
Just squeeze some conditioner (enough to cover all of your hair) into a
cup or container, and then stir in the honey. Leave it in your hair for the
recommended time on the conditioner bottle, then rinse out.
It should come out of your hair relatively easily.
Honey amazingly loses its stickiness once it's
immersed in water.

*Using Honey For Skin:Honey can used in place of cleansers. You can also use it
as a face
mask. Just wet your face, massage it with water, blot dry then
apply the
honey all over. After applying the honey to your face, leave on for 30
to an hour, and then rinse it off. Whatever moisturizer you use afterwards
work even better if you use honey first. Since honey is a natural
humectant it will lock in moisture.
*Using Honey For Acne:
To use honey for acne, you should follow the same steps listed above under
"Using Honey For Skin". The only difference is, you may want to also take
honey internally as well. You can just take a tablespoon a day alone, or stir it
into a cup of warm water or tea and take it that way. The liquid being warm
will help the honey work better through your body's system.

*Taking Honey For Constipation:
Take 2 tablespoons of honey alone every day until the "problem" is solved.
You should see results in 2 or 3 days, sometimes the same day. It's important
to start taking the honey as soon as you notice the problem. Also, drinking lots
of water and eating fruits and vegetables will speed up the process.

I love finding a household product that is useful in more ways than one...SCORE!!


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