Friday, March 18, 2011

My new signature scent!

Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works

This is my absolute new favorite scent...I am just loving it! Usually people like to keep their signature scent a secret, but I am just dying to tell everyone about this. Travis and I recently went to Bath and Body Works and found ourselves smelling all their candles, lotions, and sprays. He actually stumbled across this scent and had me smell it and I instantly fell in love. I had to have the gift set of course including: body spray, shower gel, and the lotion. It smells soooooo amazing!!

And...we even got the Twilight Woods cologne and shower gel for Travis...and he just loves it! Apparently, before they came out with the guys scent for Twilight Woods...Men use to come into Bath and Body Works with their significant others and love the ladies Twilight Woods, so Bath and Body Works decided to come out with this scent with a little bit of a twist for the men and it's been a huge hit so far!

The Twilight Woods scent not only comes in the lotion, body spray, shower gel, and cologne...but also comes in body butter, cashmere hand cream, triple moisture shower cream, bubble bath, perfume, hand soaps, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, wall flowers, room spray, candles, and home fragrance oil.

Go check it out at your local Bath and body works or order today at

Trust me, you won't be sorry! :)


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