Monday, March 28, 2011

I love concealers!!

Everyone should know by now that I am a huge fan of concealers...
Whenever I hear about new ones that are amazing and actually
work, I have got to have them!!

Newest obsession (award winning): Bye Bye Under Eye by: It Cosmetics

Cruelty free, NO animal testing!
with Collagen and Vitamins C & K and it's waterproof!

Actually, the makeup artist on Dancing with the Stars uses this on all the girls!
Plus all my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube are using it, so I had to see for myself!

This is another wonderful thick creamy concealer and comes in 4 different shades:
Light, Natural Medium, Tan, and Deep.
Natural Medium is the one I have, and loveeee....

This is a little spendy but like I always say...worth every penny! :)
Available at for $24.00

Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga is great for your body, spirit, and mind...

After an extended amount of research,
Yoga will soon become apart of my morning routine!
Yoga is great for your being in numerous ways.
Join me in making Yoga apart of my everyday life :)
Here are some wonderful and informative websites to look at:


Enjoy :)

Are you shampooing properly?

Is it possible that all of us don't know the right way and may
be contributing to it's damage without knowing it!

Here are the steps in washing your hair the right way:

1.) Make sure before washing to brush out all the tangles

2.) Rinse your hair with warm water to open up cuticles

3.) Then shampoo, apply directly to the scalp, not the ends!
Shampoo will dry your ends out which will cause it to weaken and split.
Then rinse shampoo.

4.) I personally shampoo a second time. The purpose of the first shampoo is to
clean all the oil and dirt and the second is to let shampoo treat our hair.
Let sit on for a couple minutes and then rinse.

5.) Next, get all the excess water out of your hair by squeezing the hair.
Make sure not to pull or tug on hair because it is most delicate when wet.
Apply conditioner along the hairline and ends of hair.
Pile hair into a shower cap and let sit for 5-10 min.

6.) Finally, rinse with cold water. This will close the cuticles and
add to the shine of your hair.

P.S. I know this routine seems long but we don't need to wash our hair
everyday. It rids our hair of it's natural oils anyways. I usually wash hair every third day.
Having great healthy hair takes time and effort and once you get your routine down
it will seem effortless! :) Also, when doing a hair treatment, hair mask, or hot oil treatment
make sure to do this on one of the days your washing your hair you give
your hair a little break on the other days your not washing it!


The Beauty Foods

Cranberries- Eat these to keep your urinary tract lining healthy.

Sweet Potatos- Vitamin A is known to be a remarkable anti-wrinkling agent.
Sweet potatoes are full of this important vitamin. Results in clearer smoother skin.

Garlic- Helps fight wrinkles and restores tissue.

Non-Fat Yogurt- High in calcium which keeps your smile white and your teeth cavity free.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Beside having amazing healing properties, apple cider vinegar keeps
skin supple. It's heavy concentration of enzymes helps peel off dead skin cells. It breaks
down fat and helps food digest properly.

Carrots- Maintain the outer layer of the skin to prevent premature aging. What you'll find
in is the same as you'll get in Retin A.

Cheese- To ensure a happy smile, add a slice or two of hard cheese into your diet.
Choose Swiss, cheddar, or gouda to block bacteria in the mouth and prevent cavities.

Wheat Germ- If you want to get rid of pimples quickly and efficiently, make sure to
include two or three tablespoons a day in your diet. Add it to cereal, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Tomatos- Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

Citrus Fruits- Hold the skin cells together by forming collagen. Collagen cannot be
added to the skin topically, which is why fruits and fruit juices are such an important
part of the daily diet.

These are must haves:
Vegetables- Three to five servings daily. Try to include one serving of raw, leafy
greens and always remember, the darker the green the better because this means
there are more nutrients in it.

Fruits- Two to three servings daily. A 1/2 cup of chopped or sliced fruit is a serving.
Make a big fruit salad and add all your favorite fruits.

Dairy- At least two servings daily. A serving would be eight ounces of milk or yogurt.

Fats- Salad dressing, cooking oil, butter, and mayonnaise should be limited to two
servings a day.

It's never too late to start eating the right foods for great health and beauty :)


Coconut Oil

Another great hair treatment...

Apply the oil on your hair, but only twice a week. Oil is a necessary nutrient
to the hair that provides the required luster and strength to the fibers in the hair.
Applying it daily should be avoided, as it blocks the hair pores and makes it difficult
for hair to grow further. The best oil for hair is the coconut oil and it smells wonderful!

Coconut Oil usually comes in solid form. When using, scoop out about two table
spoons and heat up in the microwave. Then apply all over to dry hair and place shower
cap or plastic bag over your hair. You can either sleep with it on your hair over night or
leave on for a few hours...Then when washing it out, make sure to rinse your hair very
thoroughly. Then shampoo and I usually do this step twice to make sure there is no
residue left in my hair and finish rest of steps as normal...conditioning, styling etc.

Usually found in the organic section of your grocery store or a whole foods store.
Most beauty supply stores sell this but jack the prices up and also add chemicals to the oil.
You need to make sure you get the purest form of coconut I recommend finding
it at the grocery store instead and it's affordable compared to most high end hair treatments! :)

Here is also a link and you can read all the wonderful things coconut oil does for your hair!

Let me know how this works for you :) Enjoy!!


The 411 on Witch Hazel

Restores Ph balance to your skin
Softens your skin
Can use on ultra sensitive skin
Great for treating and preventing razor burn (for men and women)
It's a great deep pore cleanser
Minimizes and refines large pores
You can also use it as a toner after you wash your face
Makes a great eye makeup remover: 1 part Witch Hazel and 1 part Olive Oil

Which hazel has many uses and the best part is it's super cheap!
Highly recommend everyone having a bottle in their product collection!!

You can purchase this at Walmart or any drugstores for just a couple $$$.


Glam it up!!

If you just loveeeee shimmer, sparkles, fairy dust or whatever,
you will just LOVE *Lorac 3D Multi-dimensional Liquid Lustre*!!! The applicator is a little glass dropper and dispenses a good amount of product
and you don't need much but a couple drops because a little goes along way.


It is even safe for the eyes! so it glams up any look! I love it alone,
but it will need a good eyeshadow base because it will crease!
And of course, it will look awesome over shadows, cheeks as
a highlight, or even on the chest for a little something!

This product can be found at: your local
for $16 but totally worth every drop, it will last forever!! :)

Hurry and go pick up yours today, it's amazzzing!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Perfect Lashes

                                                      Secrets to having perfect eyelashes....
  • Lightly powder lashes to give mascara a coat to cling to.
  • Heat eyelash curler with hair dryer for a few seconds. It will act like a curling iron for the eyes.
  • Give upper lashes a second coat of mascara, concentrating on the tips by stroking the brush horizontally across the lash. Never wait when applying second coat of mascara to lashes. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara, dries quickly and can clump.
  • Lightly coat lower lashes.
Lashes can either make or break your makeup look,
so hopefully these tips will help you master perfect lashes! :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I just loveee this hair color!

Cheryl Cole

I am back in forth about the color I want my hair constantly.
Currently I have very dark brown hair with a red hue. I have mastered how to get
a red hues in my hair when it's so very dark.
If you have really dark hair and want a little bit of a change without
changing your hair color drastically, then try this out!

Pick up a box of L'oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss in 360 Black Cherry.
This is a semi-permanent hair color that will give the darkest of dark browns a red hue.
I would leave the color on for 15-20 min and I personally put a shower cap over it
after applying the color and then apply a little heat for about 10 min to open
up the hair follicles so your hair accepts the color better.

You can pick up a box of this semi-perm hair dye at your local drugstore
and/or Walmart for around $6.00-$8.00.

P.S. Don't forget to use the gloves included in your hair dye kit
you will be so sorry if you don't haha :)
Happy Hair Coloring!!


Best Drugstore Heat Protectant

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

This heat protectant spray is totally inexpensive and spells great!
Guards against heat styling damage and friction; keeps hair shiny and soft.
I sometimes tend to go over board and use too much product, but the great this
about this spray is it doesn't matter the amount you use, it will never ever make
your hair greasy! That is definitely a plus!! I use this product before before blow
drying and a little bit before I straighten my hair. And last but not least, I love the
trigger. It makes it easy for misting and coating all your hair!

Another great product recommendation of mine that is very inexpensive...
So don't knock it til you try it! :)

I found this at Walmart for around $4.00 but
I'm sure you can find this at local drugstores too!

Hope you ENJOY this as much as I do!!


#1 Biggest Beauty Sin

Sleeeeping with your makeup on...and believe me, I'm just as guilty too!

You know after a really long night of partying or a really long day at school...
all you want to do is walk in the door when you get home and face plant? I have these
days all the time it seems. I have been trying to get better at taking my makeup off before I go
to sleep so my face can breathe! Sometimes I think ohh what's a few hours, I will wash it in the
morning. Unfortunately, those few hours can make a huge difference in the health of your skin,
so I’ve rounded up the top reasons why you should wash your face every night, no excuses...
1.) Wrinkles: Preventative skin care is one of the best ways of keeping your skin look young and smooth in the years to come. By not cleansing your skin at night and allowing it to breath while you rest, you’re adding years to the look of your face in the long run. Wipe off the stuff every pm and you’ll thank yourself in 10, 15, and 20 years.

2.) Acne: Even if you’re not prone to acne, it can easily develop if you’re lazy about removing your makeup. While you sleep, your skin produces oil which gets trapped in the pores by the layers of makeup you left on your skin, making them clogged and likely to break out.

3.) Rashes and Infections: As if the other reasons weren’t enough to scare you off sleeping with your sparkles on, this should. Sleeping with makeup on your face can cause it to flake off into your eye area, leading to skin rashes or eye infections such as pink eye, or even corneal ulcers!! These are serious and scary infections that have to be treated by an M.D. and may even require surgery in extreme circumstances. This is not something to play around with.

**At the very least I will just use a makeup remover wipe. My very favorite are:
Neutrogena Make -up Remover Cleansing Towelettes $6
These make-up remover wipes are sooo amazing and even
remove waterproof mascara :)

and these can be found at most local drugstores or walmart!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The many benefits of Honey

Honey has been nature's cure for many things since the beginning of time
*Using honey for cuts:
Apply to cuts, just as you would Neosporin.

*Using Honey For Hair:
Honey works as a natural humectant, therefore, adding a
tablespoon or so of honey to your conditioner will help with dry hair.
Just squeeze some conditioner (enough to cover all of your hair) into a
cup or container, and then stir in the honey. Leave it in your hair for the
recommended time on the conditioner bottle, then rinse out.
It should come out of your hair relatively easily.
Honey amazingly loses its stickiness once it's
immersed in water.

*Using Honey For Skin:Honey can used in place of cleansers. You can also use it
as a face
mask. Just wet your face, massage it with water, blot dry then
apply the
honey all over. After applying the honey to your face, leave on for 30
to an hour, and then rinse it off. Whatever moisturizer you use afterwards
work even better if you use honey first. Since honey is a natural
humectant it will lock in moisture.
*Using Honey For Acne:
To use honey for acne, you should follow the same steps listed above under
"Using Honey For Skin". The only difference is, you may want to also take
honey internally as well. You can just take a tablespoon a day alone, or stir it
into a cup of warm water or tea and take it that way. The liquid being warm
will help the honey work better through your body's system.

*Taking Honey For Constipation:
Take 2 tablespoons of honey alone every day until the "problem" is solved.
You should see results in 2 or 3 days, sometimes the same day. It's important
to start taking the honey as soon as you notice the problem. Also, drinking lots
of water and eating fruits and vegetables will speed up the process.

I love finding a household product that is useful in more ways than one...SCORE!!


be fearless. be flawless. be smudge free.

Shadow Shields have been called a “Favorite Beauty Trend,”
and are a quick and easy solution for eliminating messy “raccoon eyes”
caused by applying eye makeup. Shadow Shields eliminate the mess
involved in achieving that perfect smoky eye. They’re moon-shaped,
disposable, self-adhesives that gently stick under your eyes to
catch falling pigment.

As seen on OPRAH- Behind the scenes with “GLEE,”
The TODAY Show’s, “Best In Beauty” Segment, and on
The TYRA Show, Shadow Shields are recommended and
used by industry-leading makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts
worldwide and are the newest, most buzzed about makeup accessory!
Jackie Gomez, makeup artist to Beyonce & Solange Knowles,
claiming that Shadow Shields are “Truly Innovative,” while Extra’s Luxaholics
segment is calling Shadow Shields, “The Red Carpet Secret Beauty Product!”

You can find Shadow Shields at your local Sephora or order yours today at: for only $9.99 for 30 shields

*This is a must have for every for every ones makeup bag!!


Beauty Tip: Smart Hair Removal

When grooming facial hair, waxing is always a popular choice since it's
quick and relatively easy to do. However, keep in mind that the skin around
the eyes and upper lip are more delicate than in other areas; and over time,
regular waxing may result in stretched, sagging skin....nooo bueno!!

As an alternative, you may want to try threading or tweezing
which are both much gentler on the skin to maintain your look...
...and plus, all that money you used to spend on waxing, you can put aside
for a little shopping spree (: whhhat a great idea!!


Get rid of it!

While make-up rarely comes with expiry dates, nothing lasts forever...

Makeup is a must for most women and since these products are quite expensive,
most women have the tendency to use the same product till it lasts without
considering the date when they first opened the product. But old makeup could
lead to serious health problems. Since these products rarely have any expiry date
printed on them, you should go by the date when the product was opened.

*Eye make ups and liquid foundations last for about 3 months.
*Powders and foundations that have been left open for a year should be avoided.
*Once these make up products are opened the preservatives slowly degenerate
and this leads to the formation of bacteria which causes infection.
*Make up applicators like sponges should be replaced at least once a week.
*Lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms should never be shared as this could
lead to viruses being passed from one person to the other.
*Unusual smell coming out of any make up product means that it has gone bad.
*Use of old makeup can cause peri-oral dermatitis,
which leads to little red skin eruptions that resemble acne.
*The herpes virus can be passed through lipsticks and lip balms.

So ladies don't be hoarders...It's time to clean out the makeup collections
and of course, make room for new makeup :)


Friday, March 18, 2011

Tips for Healthy Beautiful Skin

Healthy beautiful younger looking skin is what everyone
                                                dreams of and is not also too hard to achieve.

1.) First and foremost drink plenty of water. I recommend 8-10 glasses
a day. Keeping your skin moist and refreshed will help fight off wrinkles
and blemishes. FYI: Did you know Smart Water has electrolytes in it?

2.) Maintain a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veggies.
Eat foods rich in antioxidants. They assist in skin repair and strengthen
blood vessels. Common antioxidants are Vitamins A, C, E and beta
carotene. Berries and other fruit are particularly good.

3.) Moisturize! Apply after a warm face wash or a warm
shower. This helps restore oils and keep skin hydrated.

4.) Regular exercise. This helps keep the skin elasticity
which prevents wrinkles and also exercise is good for
your entire body since it maintains a low amount of body fat.

5.) Maintain a constant sleep pattern. Your body restores
itself and to re-energies the body's organs and skin while
you are sleeping. Having a normal sleep patter will help you
feel more energized and your skin will look healthy and fresh.

6.) Don't squeeze your pimples, black heads, and zits! I
know this is a hard one, believe me. Constant squeezing
of spots causes scarring of your skin. Your skin has the
ability to heal on its own, so give it time.

7.) Don't scrub too hard. When doing so, you remove
your skins required oils that help to regenerate. Wash
lightly in circular motions to be sure your natural oils don't

8.) Protect your skin from the tanning beds and sun. I know this
is also another hard one. Just like all of you, I don't like to be pale
either. Protecting your skin from UV rays prevents your skin from
premature aging. I make sure I have a foundation with SPF in it and
also a good moisturizer with SPF. Apply SPF everyday rain or shine.
UV rays can still shine through even when it's overcast.

9.) Take one multi-vitamin a day. Keeps your skin fresh and clean.

10.) Last but not least, QUIT SMOKING! Smoking causes premature
aging and yellowing of the teeth and skin.
The aging process alone will bring on wrinkly skin, so lets not hurry the process along!

Cheers to happy healthy beautiful glowing skin!


Favorite Teeth Whitening Kit

Nothing is better than having nice pretty sparkly white teeth. Am I right?
I mean your teeth are what someone recognizes first, especially when you smile.
I've had my share of trying out different teeth whitening products but haven't seemed to
find any that provided the right results for the right price. Sure Crest White Strips are great
but they're also really expensive...Well I guess they aren't that bad compared to getting
your teeth professionally whitened, but if I can whiten my teeth with a product that is just as
great and extremely affordable, then why not?

*Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Kit*
I am soooo picking when it comes to my teeth being white and certainly wouldn't
waste time on a product that didn't do a great job. If you are as obsessive as I am
about you teeth being sparkly white, then I would try this product out immediately!

This kit includes: Pre-Whitening Rinse, 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel, and a Mouth Piece

First you mix the pre-whitening rinse with some water and swish it around in your mouth
and then rinse out . Then you squirt the whitening gel into the mouth piece. You put the mouth
piece in your mouth for approximately 5 minutes. I usually leave on my teeth for 15 minutes,
but I started out doing 5 minutes in the beginning which I recommend you do. I use this gel
usually twice a week but adjust the amount you use it to how sensitive your teeth may be.

This product can be found at your local Walmart for around $6.00

I love this product and just had to share it with you!!

Happy Whitening :)


Shop For Japan

Forever 21 is giving all proceeds of purchases made on March 18th to the earthquake
and tsunami relief efforts in Japan...Isn't that great? So hurry now...a little over 8 hours
left to shop and give back at the same time...Who wouldn't want to do that?

Head to your local Forever 21 or even shop online at

Please take this wonderful opportunity to help out those in need!!

Prayers continue for Japan <3


The Skin Doctor: LEMON TRICK

This is also a wonderful and very inexpensive scrub for your face!

Lemon/Sugar Facial Scrub

Why lemons?
Well...not only do lemons have Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids that help remove dead skin cells but they also help with black heads, acne, discoloration, sun spots, freckles, age spots, and so on...

I do this facial scrub at least twice a week!

Check out more of Kandee's wonderful Beauty tips and tutorials at:

and you can find her at these other sites as well:

Beauty Blog-
Personal Blog-

I simply loveeee Kandee Johnson and I promise you will too because there is nothing better than some great beauty advice!


New Makeup Bag

I am sooo in love with my super cute new makeup bag by:
Kenneth Cole Reaction

Annnddd it fits all my makeup perfectly...

Who says an adorable makeup bag isn't necessary?

And it was even a bargain too. I found this at my local T.J. Maxx for only $9.99
Who the heck would pass that deal up....Definitely not me!
Life is too short not to snag a deal when you see one!! :)


My new signature scent!

Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works

This is my absolute new favorite scent...I am just loving it! Usually people like to keep their signature scent a secret, but I am just dying to tell everyone about this. Travis and I recently went to Bath and Body Works and found ourselves smelling all their candles, lotions, and sprays. He actually stumbled across this scent and had me smell it and I instantly fell in love. I had to have the gift set of course including: body spray, shower gel, and the lotion. It smells soooooo amazing!!

And...we even got the Twilight Woods cologne and shower gel for Travis...and he just loves it! Apparently, before they came out with the guys scent for Twilight Woods...Men use to come into Bath and Body Works with their significant others and love the ladies Twilight Woods, so Bath and Body Works decided to come out with this scent with a little bit of a twist for the men and it's been a huge hit so far!

The Twilight Woods scent not only comes in the lotion, body spray, shower gel, and cologne...but also comes in body butter, cashmere hand cream, triple moisture shower cream, bubble bath, perfume, hand soaps, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, wall flowers, room spray, candles, and home fragrance oil.

Go check it out at your local Bath and body works or order today at

Trust me, you won't be sorry! :)


Make your own brown sugar scrub

Lets face it, we all love to get pampered and it may be quite spendy to to fulfill all your
high maintenance needs and make it to the spa this time of year. Maybe you're saving
for your big spring break vacay or maybe you're and saving for a new car.
My point is, we all have things in life we are saving for at this very moment.
There are many spa recipes out there that are simple and easy to do,
so why live without the life's little luxuries of being a girl when you don't have to?

This super easy recipe will help you get one step closer to beautiful, healthy
looking skin, perfect for summer time!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

You will need:
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup of Sweetened Almond Oil
1 tsp Vitamin E (I cut open a few Vitamin E liquid gel caps)
1/2-1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

note: you can add a little honey for extra moisturizing on dry skin

Mix all together and put into a nice jar or any other container you wish to use.

Shower in warm water and apply the sugar scrub from shoulders to feet
(focusing on rough patches) in nice circular motions. You do not need to press hard into
your skin to get a good exfoliation, this may cause redness and damage skin. Rinse off with
warm water and voila, your skin should feel better already. I recommend using this scrub
once a week and try to do this after you shave.
Remember, exfoliating may remove self-tanner,
so you may have to re-apply afterwards.

Although this isn't top of the line, it is a great affordable alternative compared to the
luxurious sugar body scrubs out there. Like I always say, it doesn't hurt to try!

Enjoy :)

Favorite Home Beauty Remedies

Lemon-Yogurt-Egg Hair Mask

You will need: 1 cup yogurt, 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice and 1 yolk of egg.
Mix all together and apply the mixture generously to the hair and leave it on for 20 minutes.
Rinse the mask with a mild shampoo and apply a conditioner.
This mask is great for Dry/Damaged Hair.


Avocado and Yougurt Facial Mask

You will need: 1 yolk of egg and 1 tsp. of almond oil.
Mix all together and apply it on the face evenly and leave it on for around 10-15 minutes.
Rinse it off after that with cold water.
This facial mask leaves a glowing face for dry-skinned people since almond
oil is known to play miracles on any sort of dry skin.

Also, don't forget to cut a couple slices of cucumber and rest them on
your eyes for the ultimate spa feeling! :)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Silver Sequined Stunner

Miss Jennifer Lopez at this years 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

Jennifer chose a fantastic look: a short dress and glittering signed Emilio Pucci (one of her favorite designers), a clutch by Daniel Swarovski and these gorgeous heels, which ice the cake, by Christian Louboutin that are to die for!

Love the look!! <3

Favorite Deep Conditioner

*Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner*

This has got to be my favorite deep conditioner and is also very very affordable! My hair is rather dry due to the fact that I use heat tools often. I started using this deep conditioner a few months ago and it has immediate results. I use this in the shower 1-2 times a week and concentrate more on the middle to ends of the hair. I usually keep this on anywhere between 3-5 minutes with a shower cap over it while in the shower. Another great way to use this product is to leave it in for about 15 min with a shower cap over it and applying heat (blow drying). What initially sold me was the great price and the wonderful smell of coconuts and now after seeing the results, I am hooked!

Tip: Another great way to keep moisture in your hair is to not wash it everyday because you strip your hair of its natural oils. My hair is quite thick so I wash my hair every two days.

This is definitely another great product I am recommending and it's so cheap so it doesn't hurt to try it out!

Found at your local drugstore for about $3.00

Let me know what ya think =)



Black Lambo w/ pink interior <3 Amazing!!

My Lifesaver

Erase Paste by Benefit $26.00
So as a college student, I pull some serious all nighters. I can't even begin to explain to you the amount of $$$ I have wasted on different concealers and under eye treatments...they all have one thing in common, they didn't work !So finally after reading enough products reviews, I was sold! Erase Paste is easily the best under eye concealer I have ever used. This concealer comes in 3 different shades, Fair, Medium, Deep. I purchased the Fair shade even though I have an olive skin tone. This is an under eye concealer and under eye brightener, so you don't want to put a dark cream over your under eye bags, that will just make them look worse. The consistency of this concealer is very thick, but very creamy and easy to blend so you only need a tiny amount...I mean tiny. No touch up is required and a little bit goes along way. This concealer comes with a tiny spatula, but I prefer to use my finger to dab it in. Definitely worth every penny! Highly highly recommended!!!

How did I ever live without Erase Paste? (:

This can be purchased at;; or at your local Sephora

Anddddd next on my list to pick up..........

Lemon Aid color correcting eyelid primer by Benefit
Does anyone use this? And if so what do you think??

Stay Beautiful,


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rihanna Inspired 80's Curly Up-Do Hairstyle

I am def loving this look lately :) Simply Adorable!!

For more Foxy Locks vids subscribe to her YouTube Channel:

Thanks for stopping by :)


Products I am loving at the moment

These are a few of favorite products that I am currently obsessing over.
Thought I would share them with you!

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer (Smoothes Skin-Minimizes Pores) Or at Walmart for around $6.00

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx Or at your local drugstore for around $6.00

*Go to self-tanner: L'oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion (Streak-Free)
In Deep Natural Tan. Instant bronze glow, won't rub off. Quick Dry. Vitamin E.
Found at your local drugstore for around $9.00

Maybelline Mineral Powder Concealer with micro-minerals in Sand Or at your local drugstore for around $7.00

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in Very Black Or found at your local drugstore for around $7.00

Revlon Matte in Nude Attitude (Fav nude lipstick right now) Or found at your local drugstore for around $6.00
Go to drugstore foundation: L'oreal True Match in Buff Beige N4 Or at your local drugstore for around $7.00

                             Victorias Secret *Limited Edition* Radiant Face Trio in Captivate
             Or at your local Victorias Secret for $14.00
China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Lightning Bolt
Apply a color and then the Crackle Glaze over top to give a crackle effect
 Found at your local Sallys Beauty Supply for around $5.00

                                    And last but not least, My favorite purchase in the last month...

Highly Recommended: It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
(Repairs dry damaged hair, Adds shine, Detangles, Controls Frizz,
Seals & protects hair color, Prevents split ends, Stops hair breakage,
 Creates silkiness, Enhances natural body, and is a Flat iron spray & thermal protector)
Found at Or possibly at your local high end salon 10 Fl oz $28.00

That's all for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! (:


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

I want to visit a black sand beach. I want to zip line through the Caribbean.
I want to go skinny dipping in the Mediterranean sea. I want to jump out of an airplane.
I want to spend a Christmas in NYC. I want to ride through San Fran on a trolley.
I want to live in Hawaii for a summer. I want an entire LuLu Lemon workout wardrobe.
I want to dye my hair blonde once in my life just to say I did. I want to attend the VMA's.
I want to work at a soup kitchen in Seattle around the holidays.
I want to learn how to rock climb. I want to start practicing yoga. I want to do
makeup for a celebrity. I want to learn how to play the guitar. I want to stay in
Disney's Cinderella castle. I want to learn how to surf. I want to join Habitat for Humanity.
I want to road trip the entire United States. I want to spend a spring break in Miami.
I want to drink green beer in Italy. I want to quit drinking coffee for at least a month.
I want to go on an African safari. I want to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
I want to visit/shop at the Mall of America. I want to grow a veggie garden. I want to own
my own business. I want to swim with dolphins. I want to go to the top of the Eiffel
Tower. I want to test drive a Ferrari. I want to meet: Carrie Underwood, Channing Tatum,
and the Jersey Shore cast (especially Vinny :)) I want to go in a hot air balloon.
I want to have a serious food fight. I want to paint a canvas. I want a tattoo done by
Kat Von D. I want to go back packing in Europe. I want to run a marathon.
I want go to a Jason Mraz concert.
I want to get a hot stone massage. I want to own a burberry bag.
I want to change someones life.
I want to be a good wife, daughter, mother, and friend.
I want to make a difference.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beauty Tip: Glowing Skin

I Love Tan <3

Sooo in case your on a budget and can't exactly afford the
Beach Sexy must have collection from Victorias Secret,
then this may be a great alternative for you...

I have always been very insecure about being pale.
I am always on a mission in finding new ways
to give my skin a nice glow and always reading reviews on new self tanners.
Spring is right around the corner...and soon summer will be here.
Start preparing yourself early by giving your complexion a nice healthy
golden glow of your own. Coating your body with a full strength self tanner may be
a bit too much too soon in the season and obviously appear to be fake.

One of my favorite ways to getting a nice glow is to mix one part: self tanner and
one part: a regular daily moisturizer and apply to your body and face
(be sure to wash your hands when your finished).
Lotion dilutes the self tanner and gives you the right shade for radiant looking skin.

I repeat this same routine after every shower or until I reach my desired level of shade
and once summer time is finally here I will switch over to using just my self tanner.

*Recommended Self Tanner: L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion
($9 at your local drugstore)
*Recommended Moisturizer: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion
($6 at your local drugstore)

Enjoy your glow :)