Monday, March 28, 2011

Coconut Oil

Another great hair treatment...

Apply the oil on your hair, but only twice a week. Oil is a necessary nutrient
to the hair that provides the required luster and strength to the fibers in the hair.
Applying it daily should be avoided, as it blocks the hair pores and makes it difficult
for hair to grow further. The best oil for hair is the coconut oil and it smells wonderful!

Coconut Oil usually comes in solid form. When using, scoop out about two table
spoons and heat up in the microwave. Then apply all over to dry hair and place shower
cap or plastic bag over your hair. You can either sleep with it on your hair over night or
leave on for a few hours...Then when washing it out, make sure to rinse your hair very
thoroughly. Then shampoo and I usually do this step twice to make sure there is no
residue left in my hair and finish rest of steps as normal...conditioning, styling etc.

Usually found in the organic section of your grocery store or a whole foods store.
Most beauty supply stores sell this but jack the prices up and also add chemicals to the oil.
You need to make sure you get the purest form of coconut I recommend finding
it at the grocery store instead and it's affordable compared to most high end hair treatments! :)

Here is also a link and you can read all the wonderful things coconut oil does for your hair!

Let me know how this works for you :) Enjoy!!


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